Itineraries recommended by the direction of the bed and breakfast I Costanti - Verona

A visit to Verona

An attractive itinerary to live music, art and love in Verona


Arena di Verona

Verona, a city full of treasures.


To really enjoy Verona you should choose to visit some of its wonderful monuments or churches  and then only breath  the overall atmosphere of this romantic city.  

Once  you’ve left I Costanti, farmholidays-b&b,  you can reach Verona by taking the tangenziale sud and getting out at  Borgo Roma,  going ahead  in the direction of Viale Piave. We suggest you parking your car in Piazza Cittadella at “Piazza Cittadella Parking“ which is not  too expensive and it’s very close  to the city center that you can reach walking.  

We  suggest you starting your tour from Piazza Bra. Beyond the Porta dell’ Orologio, in the very heart of Piazza Bra (the name Bra comes from the old german word “breit “ which means “large”)  you can see the Arena, the famous roman amphitheatre, third in size after the Colosseo in Roma and the amphitheatre of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

The first impression you get from the view of the Arena  is one of elegance  and harmony  and  if you stop and listen  you can still feel the atmosphere  of old  roman equestrian  shows. You can buy a small guide  of the city  and read  some historical information on the Arena  sitting in front of the big fountain  under the shadow of the luxuriant, centuries-old pines. In summer you can enjoy  the opera in Arena  during the summer festival organized by Fondazione Arena di Verona,  Aida or Boeme, Nabucco or La Traviata, Il Barbiere di Siviglia o Carmen.

Verona is a city of love, music, theatre, art and culture, Verona, a city that gives  you emotions.

Love is “Juliet’s Balcony“

From Piazza Bra, walking  down Via Mazzini, a lively street  full of shops and  shop windows,  you will reach Via Cappello,  where you must visit “La casa di Giulietta De’ Capuleti” in Verona.  

As soon as you enter  the small courtyard  you can see Juliet’s balcony on the right and  Juliet’s  bronze statue, a sculpture  by Nereo Costantini. Juliet’s  house is a jewel of gothic art dating  back  to the 13th century and is  traditionally considered family De’ Capuleti’s house in Verona.

Monuments, churches  and palaces in Verona

From Via Mazzini you can reach Piazza delle Erbe  with its evocative  market  full of stalls  and  the typical smell of fritters  and roast chestnuts in autumn,  ice creams  and flowers in summer.  

A  lively  market square all surrounded by  painted renaissance  houses for which  Verona  was  called at that time “Urbs  Picta“, all painted city. Have  a look  at  Torre  del Gardello, Torre  dei Lamberti, Piazza Dante o dei Signori, Corte Mercato Vecchio  with its  wonderful Scala della Ragione and Loggia di Fra’ Giocondo,  marvellous examples  of  gothic  art in Verona.  

An important  church to visit is Santa Anastasia, the biggest church in Verona in gothic style; it  was  built  by the  domenicani friars on the foundations  of  a previous church already devoted  to Santa Anastasia.  Here  you can see the marvellous Fresco by Pisanello  “St.George  and the princess” unique sample  of  courtly  gothic art.  

The church is  full of   important  works of art by famous artists  from Veneto like Caroto, Liberale da Verona,  Brusasorci or Stefano da Verona: if  you observe them all deeply  you  will never  live the  church. From Santa Anastasia, crossing  Ponte Pietra,  you’ll get to the Roman Theatre on Castel San Pietro hill, in the heart of the old  roman  city.  

Every summer, plays, festivals  and  concerts  take place at the roman theatre   and  you can choose  the Shakespearian  festival or Verona Jazz that attract  thousands tourists  in Verona every year. Inside the theatre there is an interesting archeological museum  situated in the old Convento di San Girolamo  behind the theatre; here you can observe all the oldest remains  from Verona  romana.   Entrance timetables  are  indicated  at the entrance of the theatre.

I want to stay one more day in Verona.

Other monuments we suggest you visiting while sleeping at I Costanti, bed and breakfast, in Verona:

Chiesa di San Zeno, San Fermo Maggiore, Duomo Romeo Montecchi’s House, Arche Scaligere, Castelvecchio Palazzo della Gran Guardia Porta Corsari, Porta Leona, Domus Nova, Palazzo Barbieri.    

Live Verona, a city of music, art and love and  when you come back at I Costanti you  will find us  waiting for you to share your emotions.

I Costanti is a farmholidays in Veneto you’ll never forget  and will always be in your heart.  

I Costanti: the bed & breakfast that gives you emotions.


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