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Visit to casa di Giulietta in Verona

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La casa di Giulietta: a tale by a tourist


I am  in Verona to meet Giorgio, an old colleague. He  wants to create its new website to advertise his activity and  wants  to speak about it  with me.  

We  are nursing a coffee in Via  Mazzini  and he suddenly  asks me: ”Have you ever seen la Casa di Giulietta” – “No, never“ I answer.    

“You mustn’t absolutely leave Verona without visiting la casa di Giulietta, it has  a special charm, and then it is just a few steps from here” - he says. “OK, take me there”  

We  quickly reach Via Cappello and I feel by the slow comings and goings of the tourists it must be an important place. I stop at the entrance of the small courtyard observing the warm colours of medieval bricks, I am in a place it would be difficult for me not to find romantic, even if I didn’t know its full story.

The courtyard is intimate, an internal balcony on the first floor, some small windows, a wall  full of signatures, dedications, love messages: everyone has left his own  mark. It is called “the love wall” and  it seems  a work of art,  an abstract painting,  full of colours unless you look closer at it. There’s no place for another signature.

Casa di Giulietta - Il muro dell'amore

In the courtyard, in front of the balcony, there’s a  bronze statue of Giulietta. I can see some tourists approaching her and touching her bosom.

I ask my friend  why  and he explains that a legend says that if you touch Juliet’s  left bosom she will bring you luck in love. I can’t resist temptation and touch  Juliet’s left bosom and George says smiling to me: ”Please let me know  if it works !”  

I remain another quarter of an hour to contemplate this  magic place. I can’t go away, I can’t leave it. George asks me: ”what about another coffee?” and he takes me to a small cafeteria nearby, a very nice place in medieval style. But I am still thinking about casa di Giulietta, about the atmosphere I’ve felt and caught in that small magic courtyard.

I ask Giorgio: "Giorgio, since Romeo and Juliet have never existed but in Shakespeare’s mind, how can Juliet’s house exist?”  

Well, you know  - he answers me - what we call Juliet’s house or De’ Capuleti’s house belonged for a long time to the Cappello family and  the similarity in between these two surnames gave origin to the idea that the house was really Juliet’s, Shakespeare’s heroine, even if Juliet actually never existed.  

Think about my leaving Verona without visiting this  charming place, loosing the emotions Juliet’s house is able to stir up. These  emotions together  with the ones felt  during my  short stay at the bed and breakfast I Costanti have made  my week end  something to remember  for  a long time, a very very long time.

La Casa  di Giulietta - Historical information  


La casa di Giulietta  dates back to the 13th century and belonged  to the Cappello   family for a very long time. We can see their coat of  arms carved on the arch inside the courtyard. La casa di Giulietta was all restored in the beginning of the xx  century. It   has an inner  beautiful wall made  with bricks at sight,  an arch in gothic style, trefoil windows, a balustrade and the famous balcony.

Inside, the house is furnished with old 16th and 17th centuries pieces of  furnitures and frescos  describing the Rome and Juliet story. The bronze statue of Juliet in the courtyard was made by the sculptor  Nereo Costantini.  



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